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Drug Charges

Central Florida, FL Drug Possession & Trafficking Attorney

Drug Crimes can subject you to lengthy periods of incarceration.  There are several types of charges involving drugs such as possession, sell and delivery, trafficking and possession with intent.  The severity of the criminal charge varies based on the specific facts of the case including the type of drug and the weight.   The State of Florida has passed Minimum Mandatory Sentencing on many controlled substances.  If you have been charged with a crime involving drugs, you need to consult with an attorney about your case.

Pill Mills and Prescription Drugs

The State of Florida has extended the “war on drugs” to include prescription drugs.  Florida has made the weight to reach a minimum mandatory sentence low relative to the weight for other drugs like marijuana, crack cocaine, and powder cocaine.  It can take only a handful of pills to reach the necessary weight to be considered trafficking and triggering the minimum mandatory sentencing.

When Every Decision Matters…

Jerry Jenkins is available for a free case evaluation.  Jerry understands that many times there are issues with the investigation, stop or detention, the search warrant, or the handling of the drug.  Jerry can advise you of the consequences associated with your charge.  After evaluating your case, Jerry can let you know of any legal issues with the case.

See the Minimum Mandatory Chart here.