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Getting into any kind of car accident can be a frightening experience. But truck accidents are often even more scary, as commercial vehicles are much larger than passenger vehicles on the road. Many accident victims suffer catastrophic injuries, leaving them with permanent symptoms that last a lifetime.

After a commercial vehicle accident, you may be forced to pay expensive medical bills, property damage repairs, and more. Determining who is at fault in your truck accident can be difficult, as the truck driver, the trucking company, and the trucking manufacturer may all play a part in your accident.

Fortunately, with help from our team of Clermont truck accident lawyers, you can hold liable parties accountable and get the compensation you deserve. Our team of truck accident lawyers is here to help you receive payment for your injuries and your pain and suffering. For more information about our services and to receive a free consultation, contact our law office today by calling 407-573-7483

Who is Liable in a Commercial Vehicle Accident?

Before submitting a truck accident claim, truck accident victims must determine who the at-fault party is. However, assigning liability in a truck accident case can be difficult, as there are often multiple parties involved. In many cases, the truck driver themselves is held liable for making a mistake on the road. You may also be able to assign liability to other parties.

Below are just some of the additional parties that could be held liable in a truck accident claim:

  •  The trucking company
  •  The truck owner
  •  The truck manufacturer
  •  Third-party businesses responsible for the cargo

Assigning liability may depend on the cause of your accident. For instance, if the truck accident was caused by an improperly loaded truck, you may be able to hold the cargo business responsible. If the accident was caused by a truck driver who was forced to drive too long, you could hold the trucking company liable.

Truck accidents are complicated cases and can involve multiple liable parties. Reach out to a Clermont truck accident lawyer on our team today for assistance with your personal injury claim.

What Are the Top Causes of Commercial Accidents?

Truck accidents happen for many reasons, not all of which will be obvious after your accident. A Clermont truck accident attorney on our team can examine your case to determine the main cause of your truck accident injuries.

The most common causes of commercial accidents include the following:

  •  Distracted driving. Truck drivers who are texting, eating, or talking to other passengers may not be paying attention to the road.
  •  Driving under the influence. Drugs and alcohol can cause slow reaction times and dangerous behaviors, leading to truck accidents.
  •  Improper loading of cargo. Cargo that is improperly loaded can cause a truck to tip or roll over.
  •  Traffic flow problems. Heavy traffic makes it difficult for truck drivers to navigate the roads safely.
  •  Brake problems. Improper maintenance of truck brakes can lead to malfunctions, causing accidents on the road.
  •  Aggressive driving behaviors. Speeding, tailgating, and weaving through traffic can cause serious accidents.
  •  Driver errors. Even minor errors can cause truck drivers to get into accidents, causing serious injuries.
  • Poor weather or road conditions. Wet or slippery roads, winter storms, and potholes can make truck drivers lose control of their vehicles.

What Are the Main Types of Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

The extent of your injuries could impact how much compensation you can receive. In many cases, the kind of accident you are in affects your injuries and your property damage.
Below are the main types of truck accidents:

Underride Truck Accident

An underride accident happens when a passenger vehicle rear-ends a large truck. The truck may have stopped quickly or changed lanes.

Override Truck Accident

An override accident occurs when a large truck rear-ends a smaller vehicle. The truck may even drive over the back of the passenger car.

Rollover Truck Accident

Commercial trucks often have tall trailers. These trailers can tip and roll over because of high winds or high-speed turns.

Jackknife Truck Accident

When a tractor-trailer attachment becomes loose, the trailer can swing out perpendicular to the tractor. This can cause the truck to block the highway and cause car accidents.

Runaway Truck Accident

When truck brakes fail, a truck driver may be unable to stop the vehicle, leading to high speeds. A truck going much faster than the speed limit can hit anything in its way, including passenger vehicles, pedestrians, and property.

What Are the Most Common Injuries After a Commercial Accident?

Many truck accidents are severe, and some can even be fatal. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can request compensation for current and future medical expenses.
The most common injuries victims suffer after a commercial accident include:

  •  Traumatic brain injuries
  •  Spinal cord injuries
  •  Burns or lacerations
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  •  Broken bones
  •  Fatal injuries

How Can a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer Help Me?

After a truck accident, you may be facing medical expenses, lost wages, property damage repairs, and more. Dealing with these vast expenses can add stress to an already difficult time in your life. A Clermont truck accident lawyer on our team can help you recover compensation to pay for these expenses as you rest and heal.

At The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins, P.A., our team has extensive experience helping clients get the payments they deserve. Please don’t feel like you must go through this challenging time alone. Contact our office by calling 407-573-7483 for a free consultation today.