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Trucks are often the largest vehicles on the road, meaning they have the potential to cause dangerous accidents. Many truck accidents cause serious injuries, leaving victims with life-long symptoms and expensive medical bills. You and your family members could be in debt instantly for an accident that was not your fault. Fortunately, by working with our team of Clermont truck accident lawyers, you can seek compensation to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage repairs, and more.

Truck accidents are often more complex than other auto accidents, as truck drivers are not the only parties that could be at fault. The trucking company, manufacturer, or cargo loader may all be responsible for your injuries. The best way to pursue a personal injury claim is to work with a truck accident lawyer on our team.

At The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins, P.A., we have extensive experience helping injured victims with truck accident claims. We understand just how challenging this time can be for you and your family, and we are dedicated to seeking compensation on your behalf. To learn more about our services and receive a completely free consultation, contact our law firm by calling 407-573-7483.

Who is Liable for a Truck Accident?

Establishing liability in a truck accident case is the first step toward recovering damages. However, truck accidents can have multiple parties that are at fault.
Below are just some of the parties that could be responsible for a truck accident:

  •  The truck driver
  •  The truck owner
  •  The driver’s employer or client
  •  The trucking company
  •  The truck manufacturer
  •  Third-party businesses responsible for the cargo

In many cases, the liable party responsible for a truck accident depends on the cause of the accident. For instance, if victims were injured because a driver caused an error, then they could seek compensation from the truck driver. But if victims were injured because of a brake malfunction, they could sue the truck manufacturer responsible for those parts.

A Clermont truck accident lawyer on our team will review your case to determine the main cause of your accident and how to pursue a personal injury claim for compensation. Contact us today to learn more.

What Are the Main Causes of Truck Accidents?

As with all car accidents, there are many causes of truck accidents. Understanding the cause of your accident will help your Clermont truck accident lawyer develop your case.
The leading causes of truck accidents include:

  • Distracted driving. Drivers who are eating, texting, or looking at a GPS may cause dangerous conditions on the road.
  •  Brake problems. Brake failures can leave drivers unable to stop, leading to collisions.
  •  Improperly loaded cargo. Cargo that is loaded improperly can cause a truck to tip or roll over.
  •  Traveling in an unfamiliar area. Semi-truck drivers in a new location may not know the roads, causing them to crash.
  •  Congestion. Heavy traffic makes semi-truck collisions and accidents much more likely.
  •  Driver error. Even simple mistakes can cause a truck to crash.
  •  Prescription drug or alcohol use. Driving under the influence can cause slow reaction times or poor driving decisions.
  •  Bad weather or road conditions. Potholes, slippery roads, and blizzards can cause dangerous driving conditions.
  •  Aggressive driving. Speeding, swerving, and sideswiping all increase the likelihood of a truck accident.

What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents?

Accidents often involve multiple vehicles because of the size and weight of a commercial truck. The type of truck accident you experience can impact the severity of your injuries and property damages.

The most common types of truck accidents include:

Jackknife Truck Accident

A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer attachment of a truck comes loose or fails. The tractor-trailer often swings out perpendicular to the tractor. A semi-truck in a jackknife position can block highways and cause multi-vehicle collisions.

Runaway Truck Accident

Trucks with failing brakes may be unable to stop, hitting anything and anyone in their way. Runaway trucks can cause dangerous accidents, especially if they are pointed downhill.

Rollover Truck Accident

Trucks in high winds or turning at high speeds have the potential to tip and roll over. A rollover can trap many cars, leading to severe injuries for victims.

Underride Truck Accident

When a smaller vehicle rear-ends a semi-truck, it is called an underride accident. The vehicle may be stuck under the back of the truck because of the driver stopping suddenly or changing lanes improperly.

Override Truck Accident

When a semi-truck rear-ends a smaller vehicle, it is called an override accident. The commercial truck may even drive over the back of the smaller vehicle, causing fatal injuries.

What Are the Most Common Injuries After a Truck Accident?

Like all auto accidents, truck accidents can cause serious injuries. Always seek immediate medical care after a truck accident.
The most common truck accident injuries include:

  •  Broken bones
  •  Spinal cord injuries
  •  Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severed limbs
  •  Burns or lacerations
  • Disfigurement or scarring

What Can a Truck Accident Attorney Do for You?

After a truck accident, you are likely facing expensive medical bills, property damage repairs, and lost wages from time off work. Truck accident victims deserve to recover compensation for their injuries and expenses. Proving negligence in a truck accident case is much easier with help from an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Our team at The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins, P.A., has years of experience helping clients with personal injury cases. We understand how difficult this time is for you and your family, and we want to help you receive the payment you deserve. Contact us today by calling 407-573-7483..