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DUI Defense Begins at Pull Over

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Dui Defense Begins The Minute You Are Pulled Over

If you have been charged with a DUI in the state of Florida, it is a serious offense and must be addressed accordingly and quickly. It is important to acquire legal representation quickly after the offense, as the state of Florida has strict timetables and deadlines for when particular motions and evidence needs to be submitted after an offense. Any chance of having a charge dismissed or lessened is greatly increased having proper and professional law representation.

What most individuals don’t know is that their legal defense starts the minute that they are pulled over by a police officer. At any point during a DUI arrest, an individual’s rights may be violated, making it possible for the individual to have their case dismissed from court or have the charges reduced. Legal representation is required to identify possible defenses as well as understand your rights as a client.

There are a number of factors that may undermine the court’s ability to prosecute a DUI offense. Breathalyzer tests can be deemed inadmissible for a number of reasons such as for technical flaws or the manner in which they are administered. The officer’s conduct can also overturn a conviction based on a number of factors, including the collection of evidence, conduct of the testing, the officer’s judgment, the officer reciting the proper Miranda Rights, etc. The majority of people do not realize when their license is suspended they have the right to subpoena the testing results, the officer on-site administering the test, and the lab technician who analyzes the results. A failure in appearance in court by any subpoenaed party automatically invalidates the license suspension.

Consulting with an experienced attorney who guides you through the litigation process and knows the legal process is essential to avoiding a DUI penalty and possible license suspension. For more information about possible defenses to your DUI conviction, The Law Office of Jerry Jenkins for a free case evaluation today.

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