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Five Drug Crime Terms You Need To Know – Drug Crime Attorney Orlando Fl

In the state of Florida, a drug crime can land you a prison sentence of anywhere between 2 to 25 years. Your prison sentence depends on the drug charge and the severity of the drug crime. There are different types of drug crimes and in order to fully comprehend each charge, it’s important to know the legal definition of these charges. Below are five drug crime terms you need to know by our Drug crime attorney in Florida.

Possession – Probably the most well-known drug crime term. Possession is self-explanatory and refers to the possession of a controlled substance. Possession falls under three categories:

  • Actual: Drugs are found on the person
  • Constructive: Drugs aren’t found on the person, but possession is still possible since defendant had drug access.
  • Simple: Small amount of drugs found on the person.

Controlled Substance – A substance that is governed by law in regards to use and distribution. It is a drug that shows the potential for abuse and dependency to those who take it. A controlled substance includes both legal and illegal drugs like steroids, marijuana, and some prescription medicine.

Manufacturing – Like possession, manufacturing is also self-explanatory. It is defined as the manufacturing and cultivation of a drug by federal and state drug laws.

Trafficking – Drug trafficking is the illegal sale/distribution of a drug across state lines.

Distribution – The illegal sale or delivery of a drug.

Drug crimes are serious and life changing. Florida’s war on drugs is active and will continue to grow. All it takes is a few handfuls of pills to reach the necessary weight associated with trafficking and sooner or later you’ll find yourself behind bars. You can find the minimum mandatory sentencing in Florida by clicking here.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Florida, you should contact a drug crime attorney in Florida to help you with your case. The law office of Jerry Jenkins is available for a free case evaluation. Jerry will take the time to advise you on the consequences that will come with your drug charge and will let you know of any legal issues with the case.

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