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How Long Will My Accident Case Take?

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This is a question at the front of nearly every new client’s mind at the beginning of their case, so if you are asking yourself the same thing, you are not alone. However, it is a very difficult question for your attorney to respond to, because of a number of issues that can delay or advance the progression of a case. A few of these reasons are addressed below:


Sometimes the facts of how an accident happened are very clear and there is no delay in the investigation of the claim. For example, this is typically the case of a rear-end collision, because there is not a dispute about how the accident happened or who was at fault. But in the case where the details of the accident are not as clear, the investigation may drag on, which can sometimes be frustrating for clients who are waiting to address their property damage.


The wide array of injuries our clients sustain also determines the length of a case. For example, a laceration (or cut) while being a serious injury is usually stitched up and resolved within a few weeks (barring any infection or complications with the wound). With this type of injury, a case can be resolved fairly quickly. However, with other injuries such as sprains/strains or spinal injuries additional medical documentation, testing, and treatment are necessary.

Medical Treatment

Last, but the biggest reason an accident case does not have a definitive timeline, is medical treatment. As stated above, the injuries dictate the treatment, and because every person is unique in their pains and symptoms, the time it takes to go through recommended therapy, pain management, or even surgery, can vary significantly from person to person. There should never be a rush on getting better and doing everything possible to treat the injuries sustained in an accident, which is why the medical treatment is so important to your auto accident case.

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